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Poetry Submissions for UN World Oceans Day 2024


We’re excited to once more curate poetry for United Nations World Oceans Day in 2024,

Poetry and art are critical in helping people channel a deeper connection with the world’s most important issues and in turn, encourage action.

The Theme

In 2024, we’re looking to Awaken New Depths: The facts on the ocean's dire state are clear, but still we're not listening. To protect our planet's beating heart, we need to awaken new depths within our own.

We are seeking submissions that highlight this year’s theme, to ultimately prompt action for our oceans.

Submission Guidelines

  • A maximum of sixteen lines aligned with the theme

  • All languages are welcome

  • Please only submit work that has not already been published elsewhere, whether printed or online. You may publish elsewhere after your submission has been approved

  • Writing must be original and written by you

We will format your piece with you prior to publishing to ensure both your style and consistency is maintained, while meeting our stylistic standards.​

The content of your writing will not be changed from the original submission.


By submitting the below form, you are providing Alfaaz and our partners permission to publish your submitted piece via our channels or channels of our partners, without the required approval prior to each publishing instance.

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